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Hi Paul,

Thanks again for a great day on the water. From catching bonito and mackerel on micro jigs, seeing dolphins, turtle and whale to catching the prized giant herrings on soft plastics have left my wife and me with life long memories of fishing Hervey Bay. Your effort, impeccable timing of the tides and knowledge of the water produced some great fishing on a hard day where the fish didn’t want to bite, after chatting to others at the boat ramp who all caught nothing shows what a great charter operator you are.


David and Franny

P.S the squid was amazing!!

Paul, thanks again for a great day on the special waters of Hervey Bay. Your passion and love for this fishery shows through your dedication and commitment on the water. From the creative photos you take to the well kept weapon of a boat you have, your attention to detail shows every minute of the day. This is particularly true when it comes down to getting into the best position to have a good shot at a fish. From screaming reels to the perfect back drop scenery, the day was a complete package of an awesome time out. Fisheries like this are special beyond the telling words and i can only hope with the support of the powers that be, we will see it grow from strength to strength for the generations to come.
Tight Lines – Nathan

April 18th, 2012


“In years of sharing boats with flyfishing’s best I can say that Paul Dolan is right up there with them. No one has a better handle on Hervey Bay and region – be it bass and barra, those twinkle tail golden trevally feeding on the flats, queenfish and rampaging schools of longtail tuna in the open water. Nor can I imagine anyone as encouraging to clients and walking so many extra miles on their behalf.”

Rod “Harro” Harrison

Rod Harrison and Barramundi

Harro catches nice Barramundi on fly

Mike,Dru and Jackson
Feb 2, 2011,

Hi Paul,

Returned home safely and unfortunately straight back to work
I have been holidaying in Hervey Bay for the last 7 years straight with my family
And for the last 6 years you have been guiding me and my sons on some very memorable fishing charters
When you take into account my disability and from memory my youngest son was only 10 when you guided us the first time.
I really need to thank you for your guiding professionalism, ability & consistency over a long period of time
Over the years I have been guided around the east coast from Melbourne to the Top End so I am not talking through my hat.
Each year you guided us there was always something different on the agenda and we always managed to catch great quality fish no matter what mother nature threw at us
In 2010 you introduced me to flats fishing. Sight casting lures in less than a meter of water for 5-10 kg Golden Trevally. This form of fishing in the environment you took me to was nothing short of sensational. After this trip I thought that I had experienced the best type of fishing available to me off Hervey Bay

This year, once again you implemented a new plan of attack new grounds and marks and pulled it off to a tee
And just when we had seen what we thought was the best available last year you pulled out the sight casting to 15-20 kg long tail tuna in 2-3 meters of water at the end of the day
That resulted in a double hook up with both fish successfully boated and photos taken and returned to the water.

I could rave on for hours about flats fishing with Paul but I won’t. Until you have been out on the flats and actually experience this type of fishing with him no one can really tell you the whole experience

Try it I guarantee you will love every minute of it

Mike Bale

Rick and Sterling
Jan 29, 2011,

Hi Paul
Just a short note to reaffirm our thanks to you for a most enjoyable two days. As you said in our first phone conversation, you give 110%. Actually you lied, it was more like 120%! We never needed to catch anywhere near as many fish as we did to recognize your commitment to fishing and your customers. While we enjoyed the fishing and our success it was your input plus a stable clean boat which impressed both my father and myself.

So will end now with one further thanks for a great experience and bolstering my faith in the charterboat operators (at least one of them) in Hervey Bay. It’s now back to work for me with solid bookings, 7 days a week, until June – my fate is sealed! Will look forward to staying in touch with you as time allows.

All the best
Rick Pollock

As a Sportfishing charter operator for over 30 years, my annual holidays always include some fishing during these times. While looking forward to these jaunts, there’s always some in trepidation as to what to expect. Recently my father Sterling (88 years young) and I had the pleasure of having two days on Hervey Bay with Paul Dolan. Leading up to the time we found Paul to be quite affable and pleasant to deal with. Eventually we duly arrived in Hervey Bay and were keen for our outings.

Initial phone conversations were informative and light hearted – the stage was set. Both days Paul was punctual (early in fact) with his shining, clean, well presented boat at the ready. While few frills can be found on any 16 footer, the boat was uncluttered with plenty of storage areas below deck. He spared no fuel in getting us to the various fishing grounds both days, thus maximizing out angling opportunities. Early starts both days ensured we arrived to the prime locations prior to the arrival of wind and more uncomfortable conditions. Results were near instantaneous with doubleheaders most of the time each morning. This non stop action was facilitated by Paul’s constant attention to all our needs. Between tying on new lures, releasing fish at boat side, taking copious amounts of photos and repositioning the boat while all the while giving expert advice he had few spare moments. Indeed, we attributed our success in total to his dedication, expertise and attentiveness.

We can heartily recommend Paul to anyone wanting an enjoyable, productive time on the water while in Hervey bay. Between his total commitment, obvious professionalism, purpose built craft and top flight tackle you will be assured an excellent day on the water. Looking forward to a return run? You bet!

Rick Pollock
Owner/operator “PURSUIT”
New Zealand

Vinh and Alastair
May 26, 2010,

Hi Paul,

we had a great trip and would like to thank you once again for a wonderfully entertaining fishing
experience. we will definately be visiting you again in search of some of the other great sports fish
available on the fraser coast.

Vinh & Alastair

Tony Lincoln
May 26, 2010,

G’day Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed fishing with you recently. It’s quite refreshing to meet someone who wears their heart on their sleeve & isn’t scared to voice their opinions as well as actually showing in their actions that they truly have a passion for something.

I did notice the amount of info that you passed on to me over the 2 days was way beyond just about anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve noticed that quite a few of the other guides/operators I’ve fished with seem to either volunteer nothing beyond “cast there”, or jealously guard their secrets. I actually fished with one guide where it was forbidden to look at the sounder to the point of him actually physically blocking your view if you tried! The amount of finer points re feeding habits, tides, moon phases, other species & rigging you spoke about was fantastic as I came away not just having caught my target species, but having learnt from the experience as well. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone heading your way, as well as be booking with you again if I can get back to Hervey Bay in the future.

Tony Lincoln

Danielle and Kyrle
Nov 19, 2008,

The fishing was absolutely mind blowing, being able to see the fish pumping the yabbies in 2-3ft of water, casting your plastics out and hanging on is going to be a lifetime memory. You are passionate about your work and it shows. Hervey Bay has to be protected from netting so that many other visitors can experience what we have with you.

Thank you for one of the most memorable fishing trips ever. We will definitely be up to see you and the “goldens” for many years to come. ”

Warm Regards

Danielle & Kyrle
Redland Bay QLD

By James and Andrew
Feb 9, 2006,

Dear Paul,

Both James and I would like to thank you again for your relentless efforts to get us onto quality fish.
You have been solely responsible for most of our firsts on Fly some of which have been Saratoga, Golden trevally, Tea Leaf trevally, other trevally, tailor, squire and of course my personal best a 16kg long tail tuna. I had the fly you hand tied in front of us, that was that Tuna’s demise, framed with the picture.
We have and continue to recommend you without hesitation to friends and associated for your knowledge and absolute desire to reward your clients with a quality fishing experience based on results. As you know we have fished with several guides over the years, since our introduction to Fly Fishing, however we have not yet been able to replicate your stats of 100% success rate. Not only has each trip with you been a pleasurable experience it has also been a learning and productive affair.

Keep up the good work Paul, we hope to be aboard again soon.


James & Andrew
The Zucchini Bros

Andrew Summers
May 30, 2005

Dear Paul,

For the second year running you have managed to supply quality fishing to help our company fast track field testing on our fly rods and tournament rods before signing of on production. It is always a challenge to pre-book a trip in advance and hope the weather and fish are willing to play. Well from the 2 trips we have chartered your business the weather has given us everything from beautiful days to down right cyclonic but your intimate knowledge of all the surrounding water systems both fresh and salt and your easy going nature has enabled us to find fish on all occasions. I have my photo of the 70cm Barra caught from the sticks at Monduran on my screen saver and cannot wait to “PUNCH THEM BACK HARDER” next time my Lively Lure is bouncing through the timber. Thanks for some truly memorable experiences.

Kind Regards
Andrew Summers
General Manager
Mayfly Tackle Pty Lt

Chris Baty
May 30, 2005,

G’day Paul,

Just wanted to thank you for another cracker couple of days on the water. Even with the average conditions we were faced with you still managed to produce the goods. Can’t wait to get back to Mondurran for some more brutal encounters with those barra and am pretty keen to try that new leader system on some southern creatures as well. Of course it’ll be great to get back up and have some Longies to test the fly and light tackle spin gear again.

See ya next Year

Chris Baty
Mayfly Tackle Australia

Randall Bryett
Oct 31, 2003,

Its always a bit nerve racking for me when fishing with guides whom can out think, out fish and out cast you in most all circumstances. After all its their business and your in their world. Standing upon the front deck with a good fish in sight and bearing down into the casting zone at a rate of knots can create enough pressure to turn all flyfisherman ( beginners to confident) into complete rod flapping spastics. This can be made 100 times worse when your with a guide whom has not got the people skills required when working together on the water. These “people skills” are not just personality based but they also involve the reactions and emotions that occur when one has interaction with a fish. Win, draw or lose in any of the piscatorial encounters you experience whilst fishing, each draws a different emotion from within. Adrenalin heart pounding vein pumping hookups, heart wrenching butt kicking bust offs and ego deflating disappointing fly refusals the guide has to deal with them all just as you do. Paul has a very easy flow that surrounds him and he deals with all the above situations and feelings in a confident knowledgeable manner that I am sure will make all comfortable in even the most highly pressured fishing situations. The understanding and quiet confidence that Paul has is direct reflection of his fishing history. You can not know or do what Paul is capable of without having caught a shitload of fish and of course know how to lose them also. He radiates a boundless enthusiasm for fish, fishing and fisherpersons and his uncanny knack for finding ,sighting and fighting fish is only matched by his efforts and desire for you to catch them too!

What can I say? Why did it take me so long to go fishing with ya!!

All the best mate
Randall Bryett